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Dear friends and colleagues,

It is a pleasure to address you through the internet.

The Diabetes Association of Korea is a non-profit corporation, established on May 1, 1995, with the permission of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. It is aiming towards a systematic prevention and treatment of diabetes, as well as an improvement in health and assistance and protection for the people with diabetes, and further, to pursue the improvement in health of the Korean people, with the cooperation and agreement of the people with diabetes and their families, diabetes medical specialists (doctors, pharmacists, nurses, nutritionists, social corporate…) and the sponsors of these activities.

Through businesses such as the publication of The Monthly Diabetes magazine, complimentary lectures on diabetes, free blood glucose testing campaigns, hiking programs for diabetics, adult diabetes education camps, diabetes walk-a-thons etc, the association is working to offer the right information about diabetes for people with diabetes and their families, and is conducting public relations with the general public about the importance of diabetes, and putting a great effort on utilizing the internet to provide information.

Diabetes is easy to neglect at first because of its tendency to be difficult to realize at its early stage, but is dangerous because it will develop serious complications in various parts of the body such as the kidneys, eyes, feet etc. that threaten a normal lifestyle, and in some cases, one’s life. Despite this, there is still no complete cure for diabetes, so that the best way is to manage one’s meals, exercise, and use medication to maintain a normal level of blood glucose. Thus, diabetes is an illness that is difficult to completely cure, while it needs to be managed throughout one’s lifetime, so that a diabetic must be able to correctly manage their diabetes, and preserve their health. In order to do this, they must be able to not be bewildered by the wrong information but must be able to choose the right information.

As a government affiliated organization, the Diabetes Association of Korea will collaborate with the government’s medical treatment programs and put an utmost effort in the expansion of the rights and enhancement in health of Korea’s 4,000,000 diabetics.

Once again, thank you for visiting our website and we ask that you cooperate with our association.